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No. 23 Stacker 2/YJ Stinger Chevrolet Monte Carlo Indianapolis Raceway Park


Wimmer on his win at Pikes Peak: Scott Wimmer, driver of the No. 23 Stacker 2/YJ Stinger Chevrolet, scored his first win of the 2003 season at Pikes Peak International Raceway last weekend.

“I was really surprised that it took us this long to victory lane, but it sure felt good to break through and get that first win of the season,” said Wimmer.  “It took us longer to adapt to rebuilding our team with a new crew chief and new bodies.  It was a lot harder than we anticipated.  I think the new car bodies threw us for the biggest loop.  We tried to rely on last year’s notes, but the bodies are so different.”

“Last year, it took us until this part of the season before we really started hitting our stride and hopefully, we’ll do the same thing this time around,” said Wimmer.  “It seems like we’ve gotten everything worked now and we’ve started figuring out which cars in our stable work best for us.  The Stacker 2 team also knows now exactly what feel I need in them to run up front and I feel certain this win is a major turning point in our team.  We know we’re capable of winning again this weekend at IRP and that’s our next focus – – back to back wins!”

Wimmer on IRP: Wimmer finished third in last year’s event at Indianapolis Raceway Park.

“Our Stacker 2 team ran real well at IRP last year and we are all looking forward to getting back to short track racing,” said Wimmer.  “IRP is a unique track.  It is a lot like Pikes Peak in the sense that it is really hard to get grip.  Getting your car to handle on the bottom is key there, because the fastest way around the track is at the bottom.”

“I absolutely love short track racing,” said Wimmer.  “At the bigger tracks, you have so much determining whether you run well or not: the right aerodynamics and the right motor.  But at the short tracks, the race is more in the driver’s hands.  There is a fine line between being patient and aggressive at short tracks.  You have to be real aggressive because it is easy to go a lap down, but you can’t be so much so that you tear your car up.  It is pretty tricky finding a way to get to the front and stay out of trouble at the same time.  I also like fact we impound the cars after qualifying at IRP.  It is real cool to not have to focus on qualifying setups because we are never real good qualifiers anyway.  I like the tape it up and go racing philosophy.”

Equipment: The Stacker 2/YJ Stinger Racing team is taking the same car to IRP that competed earlier this year at Richmond, where it finished fifth, and Gateway, where it finished eighth.