Wimmer Racing, Inc.

Sponsorship Summary

Wimmer Racing once again will be competing in the American Speed Association (ASA) stock car racing series in 2003. ASA is well recognized as one of the premier stock car racing series in America. Past competitors in the series have included current Nascar stars Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace, Matt Kenseth and Johnny Benson to name a few.   The ASA series graduated another one of its young stars to the Nascar Busch Series two years ago.   Wimmer Racing’s own Scott Wimmer joined the Bill Davis racing team to compete for the Nascar Busch series championship award. Bill Davis racing has included such talents as Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon and Bobby Labonte. Scott went on to finish second in the Busch Series rookie of the year point’s championship and third in the championship points in 2002. Scott will be competing in his third season on the Nascar Busch Series during 2003.

Wimmer Racing will be putting Scott’s younger brother Chris behind the wheel to compete in his third season of ASA racing in 2003. It is the goal of Wimmer Racing to leverage a sponsor’s brand nationally through our success in the ASA racing series.

The 2003 ASA schedule begins in late March and runs into the second week of October.  The 17-race season will see stops in 12 states and include major markets such as Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee and Minnesota. The 2003 ASA season will see our car in front of over 400,000 fans at the racetrack. Also, all ASA races are televised live nationally on the SPEED Channel network.  ASA and SPEED Channel estimate that between 11 and 12 million viewers will watch ASA racing in 2003. Research has shown that 75% of ASA viewers have an annual income in excess of $35,000 and 60% have an annual income in excess of $40,000. The average ASA fan is a 35-year-old male professional earning $35,000 per year.

Auto racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. We feel that a sponsorship partnership with Wimmer Racing will help create a strong marketing platform to meet the sponsor’s objective. Wimmer Racing can help a sponsor in the following ways:

  • Ø Build brand awareness
  • Ø Increase brand loyalty
  • Ø Create excellent promotional opportunities
  • Ø Entertain clients, distributors and employees

A sponsorship partnership with Wimmer Racing is a very affordable program to increase brand exposure with an excellent return on investment. Sponsorship exposure can include any or all of the following:

  • Ø Name and logo on race car
  • Ø Name and logo on team transport which travels over 25,000 miles nationally
  • Ø Name and logo on crew uniforms
  • Ø Name and logo on banners
  • Ø Name and logo on pit carts
  • Ø Name and logo on fan T-shirts, jackets and hats
  • Ø Name and logo on the Team’s web site
  • Ø Name and logo on other promotional merchandise

Please check out the following web sites to learn more about Wimmer Racing and the ASA series

Please contact Ron or Joan Wimmer at 715-359-9438 to further discuss a sponsorship partnership with Wimmer Racing.