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Morgan-McClure Motorsports Takes Pole Position in Guarding Against ID Theft


NNCS driver Scott Wimmer and MMM road team protected by LifeLock ID Theft Service

(Chandler, AZ) – Morgan-McClure Motorsports, which owns the #4 AERO Exhaust Chevy Monte Carlo team with driver Scott Wimmer, announced that it has decided to offer the LifeLock Identity Theft service to its NASCAR Nextel Cup Series team. LifeLock is the nation’s first and only service that prevents identity theft and backs it up with a $1 million guarantee.

According to The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit group in San Diego, it’s estimated that 4 million people’s identities were compromised since mid-February 2005.  It is further predicted that in the United States alone, 15 million people (or 1 in 20) will have their identity compromised in 2006 — that’s more than a 350% increase, making ID theft by far the fastest growing crime in America.

“I have read so much about identity theft in the past year and worry about the people who work for Morgan-McClure and their families,” says MMM President Larry McClure. “We travel so much during the course of a season that I have to believe the risk of something happening to one of our team members is much higher. LifeLock was an easy choice since I wanted our team and Scott protected completely. Now that we have removed the threat, we can keep concentrating on racing.”

LifeLock does the prevention work by maintaining active fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus as well as ChexSystems.  The LifeLock system makes personal information useless to everyone but the rightful owner. Every time someone attempts to open credit, change an address or make changes in bank accounts, LifeLock is there to make sure the right person is making the request.

Also unique to other products on the market, LifeLock removes a member’s name from solicitation lists and junk mail, eliminating a primary target of ID thieves – the pre-approved credit offer.

“Many of our employees having a racing background, so we understand what race teams go through each year and the amount of time spent traveling,” said LifeLock CEO Todd Davis. “We have made protecting your identity as easy as it could ever be and we are the perfect fit for race teams and their fans. Our system will allow everyone associated with Morgan-McClure Motorsports to leave the worry behind and concentrate on winning races.”

LifeLock and MMM are also proud to announce that fans of MMM and Scott Wimmer can get identity theft protection at a discount by going to and signing up using the promotion code (McClure). A link is also provided on the MMM website (

“I enjoy meeting my fans at the racetrack each week and would hate the thought that someone had to miss out on a weekend due to dealing with the effects of identity theft,” added Wimmer. “I still plan to be careful with my personal information, but knowing that someone is really watching out for me gives me one less thing to worry about.”